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Free Geography KS3 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

What KS3 Geography Entails

At Key Stage 3, pupils learn where places are, how landscapes and places are formed, the interaction between people and the environment and how countries and localities are connected.

Pupils ask geographical questions and collect, record and display information that helps to answer these. They are encouraged to use different tools when engaging in fieldwork, such as digital cameras and sensors to collect information. Pupils continue their use of atlases, globes, satellite images and data when investigating places and environments. They construct maps and plans as part of their enquiry.

KS 3 pupils work at a variety of scales. They study personal, local, regional and national geography as well as international, continental and global geography. This provides a range of investigations focusing on places, themes or issues. Physical geography is considered, such as weather and climate, and human geography, such as migration.

Learning about the UK

It is suggested that KS 3 pupils’ study of Geography includes learning about key aspects of the UK. This involves human, physical geography and current issues in the UK related to these so pupils can place themselves within their current citizenship and how this fits into the global picture.

Resources and Materials

The materials in this section can be used to support planning and resourcing schemes of work that meet the requirements of the Key Stage 3 programme of study.

Discovery Channel provides an interactive Volcano Explorer. It is easy to use and very informative. It explains tectonic plates, volcano types and more which is explained in short paragraphs and detailed images.

Met Office is a fantastic site to use when teaching about the weather. There are lesson plans, weather data, posters, videos and publications covering 4 different topic areas. As well as providing lesson plans and worksheets it also informs about what is needed in the lesson to go with the plans.


19 Key Free Teaching Resources

British Gas Generation Green

British Gas Generation Green

Generation Green is British Gas’ education programme; teaching children about sustainability, inspiring a nation of energy innovators and providing energy makeovers for schools across Britain

Find out more about Generation Green



IFAW offers animal welfare and conservation-themed teaching resources and films aligned with UK curricula. This year’s theme, Elephants Never Forget, explores the world of elephants and the challenges they face.

Find out more about IFAW

UN World Food Programme

UN World Food Programme

Learn about nutritious school meals and global hunger with the story of a Kenyan school girl named Molly, who can stay in education thanks to the meals she receives at school.

Find out more about UN World Food Programme

Practical Action

Practical Action

Inspiring resources on sustainability, climate change, renewable energy and global learning

Find out more about Practical Action



Download free lesson ideas, people’s stories and images to promote global learning

Find out more about ActionAid

BP Educational Service

BP Educational Service

Providing innovative curriculum-linked free teaching resources for secondary Science, Geography & Business Studies at Key Stages 3 and 4.

Find out more about BPES Secondary


Met Office

Met Office Education provides KS1, 2 & 3 lesson plans as well as in-depth information and data that can be used in Geography classes.

Find out more about Met Office


Natural History Museum

The NHM offers resources, online videos and activities for both Science and Geography in Primary and Secondary School learning.

Find out more about N.H.M



Mapzone offers various teaching resources as well as homework help and an interactive section for students to use.

Find out more about MapZone


Young Archaeologists Club

Helps archaeology students develop their skills, gain activity ideas and understand the subject in more detail.

Find out more about Young Archaeologists Club


Geographical Association

A brilliant site for Geography teachers who need resources for a range of topics.

Find out more about Geographical Association


Royal Geographical Society

Facts, Guides and Interactive Resources about Geography from the Royal Geography Society.

Find out more about Royal Geographical Society


Google SketchUp

Google SketchUp is a downloadable piece of software that can be used to construct and design multiple ideas and also can be used in many school subjects.

Find out more about Google SketchUp


National Geographic

A site that provides different Geography Lesson Plans for students at KS3 level.

Find out more about National Geographic


Curriculum Bits for Geography

A Geography site containing plenty of interactive resources.

Find out more about Curriculum Bits for Geography



Online Mind Mapping App from SpiderScribe for Upper KS2, KS3 and KS4

Find out more about SpiderScribe


Discovery Channel

An online Geography interactive resource on exploring Volcanoes.

Find out more about Discovery Channel II


Lancaster University

Human Geography Poster from Lancaster University

Find out more about Lancaster University


Countryside Access

Coventry City Council will help Primary School Maths Students to learn the value of digits in numbers.

Find out more about Countryside Access


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