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Resources and Plans for Primary and Secondary School History Teachers

Teachers can access some wonderful free resources for their KS1 history lessons, including great games for the kids about the great fire of London. For historical KS2 lesson plans there is a great online resource from the London Museum that helps you journey across Roman Britain plus lots more to entertain your class. For KS3 teachers we’ve got thought provoking lesson plan ideas that feature topics such as the Holocaust and Elizabeth 1st and for history ideas for KS4 additional topics including slavery are covered.

Free Ideas and Worksheets on the Internet can help to bring great Visual Elements into your Classroom

History teachers can now really benefit from technology and incorporate a wealth of topic based resources into their classrooms. It is just a case of knowing where to look and this is where this website can help you save time. If you are looking for history ideas for kids at primary school, the ideas, games, stories and quizzes can really help you to spark interest from your students. After all, who wouldn’t want to see how the Romans lived and how London looked at this time, what the Elizabethans looked like and wore, and how the battles of the Wild West were fought and won. There are some great sites that bring the Tudors to life, delve into the lives of King’s Queens and peasants, with useful family trees to help teach the difference between Mary Tudor and Mary Queen of Scots.

For secondary students there are some super classroom ideas that help introduce the topic of warfare through the ages, with one handy activity showing every war between 1066 and 1900. If you are looking to improve students conceptual understanding at KS3 there are some helpful ideas on how to plan and teach the Industrial Revolution with suggestions on how to teach the wider topic whilst picking out individual ‘big events’. Horrible Histories, a successful book series and now adapted for TV, has some fun games for kids on its website that you may wish to use, as does its accompanying site on the BBC portal.

The Historical Association

If you would like to join the association for your subject, take a look at The Historical Association. It has a great website, a high profile list of patrons, and seems to be a vibrant and forward thinking organisation. It also offers primary and secondary resources for its members.

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