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Lesson Ideas for Primary and Secondary School Design & Technology Teachers

If you are looking for brilliant ideas to inspire Design & Technology pupils at KS1 then look no further. There are some great websites featured that can help develop design and making skills. For key stage 2 D&T teaching ideas there are some good links including what you can do with a potato! If you are a secondary teacher looking for free secondary D&T resources that help students develop their making abilities try the ideas in key stage 3. And for KS4 Design and Technology students there are interactive games, inventions resource packs, creative activities and enrichment days.

D&T can be separated off into different sections such as Woodwork, Food, Textiles and Engineering (there are more areas) which then can be specialised in in GCSE years. During KS1, 2 & 3 pupils are given a taste of these sections and taught a basic knowledge of them. In the GCSE years they can choose one to study in full and are provided with in-depth information and examples.

If you want to find ingenious teaching ideas, practical exercises and even enrichments days to use for your design and technology lessons this is the place to start.

The web hosts a wide range of exciting practical lessons ideas that teachers for Design & Technology can utilise cleverly in their classrooms. Using space as an inspiration across all age groups, the UK Space Education Office provides teacher packs and a very useful link to an extensive online eLibrary of space teaching resources including lesson plans, experiments, video clips and much more. Some government agencies offer nice teaching ideas. The foods standards agency has ideas that range from encouraging food competency in young people, to food preparation, handling and serving in the classroom and to promoting whole school policy.

The British Potato Council

The British Potato Council provides a lovely project for primary children. The project is linked to the UK curriculum and shows pupils how potatoes grow and how they can be used in a healthy balanced diet. The Design and Technology Association is the professional body for UK teachers. Currently they are having an interesting debate on the impact of the English Baccalaureate on their subject in UK schools.

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