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Free British Schools Overseas Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources for British Schools Overseas

Are you working at a school that follows the British Curriculum but based outside the UK? can help teachers find great lesson plans and teaching ideas for classes that follow the UK Curriculum but are based all around the world. Simply look around this site in the relevant subject and key stage areas and you will find lots of great resources produced by companies, charities, museums and more.

In many cases they are designed specifically to match the British curriculum. contains hundreds of reviewed free lesson plans and other teaching resources such as resource packs, worksheets, assembly ideas, school visits, project ideas, videos and images. And if you are thinking of teaching around the world; on this page therebelow is a link to a useful site to get you started.

If there are pupils in the school that speak English as their second language but find it easier to search a website using their own then there are lots of helpful options to translate a page into another language. A site itself may have an option to change the page. If not, you will be able to find a free simple site to use.

Teachanywhere provides information for a range of jobs (for different subjects and key stages) around the world. Education Management News is a free site then sends you weekly information and reviews via email all about a range of subjects and areas of education.

Schools that use the British National Curriculum

There are over 2000 schools overseas that teach the British National Curriculum. Each offers a variety of subjects that gets taught here in the UK. Across the world, pupils can learn about literacy, mathematics, science and more using our resources and curriculum. When examples are needed to support learning, British ones can be used or ones from the specific country can be used.


3 Key Free Teaching Resources

E-safety Support

E-safety Support

E-safety Support. It is a comprehensive suite of resources developed to help schools to meet Ofsted requirements by delivering a clear strategy that promotes shared (teachers, pupils, parents etc) responsibility for e- safety.

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Association for Citizenship Teaching

Association for Citizenship Teaching

ACT - the professional association for those involved in citizenship education

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Education Management News

Subscription to this site ensures free weekly emails about a number of teaching topics, the latest news, colleges and many more.

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