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Free SEN Teaching Resources

Resources for SEN Teachers

Fantastic Free SEN Teaching Resources are only a click away. Choose from the selection of top quality SEN learning resources below and use them in your classroom today. Activities include a variety of resources which are specially designed for children with complex needs. There are opportunities for teachers to learn about SEN which will benefit them and also the SEN pupils.

Scope offers resources, advice and ideas about teaching children with disabilities and special needs. This site will help teachers understand about the different types of special needs and the right ways to teach pupils with them. There are documents with lots of information that will give teachers knowledge, ideas and more.

Primary Sign Languages teaches pupils and teachers how to use and talk in signs. There are colourful videos with examples of words shown in sign language. The basics are covered: seasons, weather, etc... The benefits of using this site are that everyone can learn a language that thousands of people are dependent on. The site is educational as well as being fun for everybody to use.

SEN Teaching Resources and Classroom Ideas

Special Educational Needs (SEN) is an area of the education curriculum aimed at making sure that every child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential in school. Offering speech and language therapy, as well as support for other subject areas such as Maths and reading, SEN education resources are a vitally important area for teachers.

Over 220,000 children in England alone have SEN, so it is important that teachers are aware of who has SEN when in a mainstream school. There are SEN schools but alot have closed over the past 10 years. Now more than ever, teachers need to be trained or be aware of special education needs and disabilities as it will further their own education, pupils education and the education of the pupils with SEN.


4 Key Free Teaching Resources

E-safety Support

E-safety Support

E-safety Support. It is a comprehensive suite of resources developed to help schools to meet Ofsted requirements by delivering a clear strategy that promotes shared (teachers, pupils, parents etc) responsibility for e- safety.

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Educational Resources on the Inclusion of People with Special Needs

Find out more about Scope


British Postal Museum and Archive

A variety of learning packs and lesson plans that teachers can use for educating about British Postal History.

Find out more about British Postal Museum and Archive


SEN Teacher

Tools and printable resources to help with Primary School children with Learning Difficulties & Disabilities.

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