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Free applications for ICT links and downloads, KS3 & KS4

Recent whitepapers and changes introduced to the secondary curriculum have encouraged schools to develop the use of open source or ‘free’ software, and to spend more time on the teaching of programming, coding and ‘real world’ IT in line with industry expectations.

This page lists and describes free applications, with a focus on open source software, industry standard expectations and outcomes, and programming.  For each software title, a download link for the free software provided and links to tutorials, teacher forums, examples of good practice, pupil resources and national & international competitions using the software are detailed.

Open Source Software

Each item of open source software includes tried and tested teaching activities using the application, and practical referencing to the ICT KS3 and/or KS4 POS from the National Curriculum. A brief description elaborates on the usefulness of the application, how it fits in with recent educational developments, and how the program satisfies cross curricular use in terms of a useful end product. Suggestions and comments on the potential for differentiation are also provided.

In addition, the typical system requirements, including the potential for networking, are provided and described for each item of open source or free software.

Schemes to Deliver Coding into School

A number of well backed industry based schemes to deliver coding into schools have been described, including applications supported by Microsoft, Intel, MIT and Oxford University.

The free applications showcased in this document cover object oriented and visual programming in C and C# style languages, creating online games suitable for PCs Macs or Xboxes,  creating cloud based zooming interactive presentations, timelines, mind maps and scrapbook posters, creating and modelling artificial intelligence simulations,  professional standard art and 3D rendering, industry standard music creation and podcasting,  science resources for modelling electronics, a new take on school wide VLEs,  an interactive and engaging worldwide design simulation competition and a free moderated safety- friendly school email scheme.


22 Key Free Teaching Resources

Microsoft Research FUSE Labs - Kodu Game Lab

Programming application that KS3 pupils can use from Microsoft Research FUSE Labs.

Find out more about Kodu Game Lab



Edmodo can help with connecting teachers and pupils, handing and distributing homework and conducting a discussion.

Find out more about Edmodo



Create and share a number of items on Scratch (for KS3).

Find out more about Scratch


Crocodile Clips

Crocodile Clips offers resources, games and software to use in Maths and Science.

Find out more about Crocodile Clips



Blender has a 3D Content Creation Suit that can be used in ICT and Art.

Find out more about Blender



Prezi is a site where presentations can be created easily; teachers and pupils can learn and explore.

Find out more about Prezi

Free teaching tool from Alice to display stories, games and videos.

Find out more about

A set of office software from for Primary and Secondary School Teachers and Pupils.

Find out more about



Create mind-maps in Primary and Secondary School with Mind42.

Find out more about Mind42

A free, safe online tool where pupils can connect with others (from other schools) that teachers can moderate.

Find out more about



Glogster posters are great for ICT integration into English and Art subjects.

Find out more about Glogster


Pivot Stick Animator

Simple site to create animations using stick figures for Secondary School Teachers and Pupils.

Find out more about Pivot Stick Animator is a great free way to blog online that KS3 and KS4 pupils and teachers can use.

Find out more about offers a Music Creation and Mizing software for KS3 and KS4 Music classes.

Find out more about



Great for history classes as you can create a timeline for any topic.

Find out more about Dipity



A secondary school Art site containing a painting package that can be used on different formats.

Find out more about Artrage


The RoboCup Soccer Simulator

Soccer Simulator is a tool for Secondary School pupils to understand artificial intelligence.

Find out more about RoboCup Soccer Simulator

Software that teaches the basis of computer sciences, through programming a robot, from

Find out more about


West Point Bridge Design Contest

Software that introduces Engineering to Secondary Students by West Point Bridge Design Contest.

Find out more about W.P.B.D.C


Hot Potatoes

Software that can help teachers create exercises for Primary and Secondary School classes.

Find out more about Hot Potatoes


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