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Lesson Ideas for Secondary School Careers Teachers

We list great free lesson plans and worksheets to help you teach secondary students. Try the KS3 careers lesson plans and KS4 guidance from employers where you will find lots of useful planning tools to help guide your pupils in the right direction. There are lots of specially produced work sheets and lesson plans from government agencies, which can be particularly helpful if students are looking for insights into particular fields of work such as leisure, sport, construction, nursing or hairdressing to give a few examples. There are particular agencies who are dedicated to promoting careers in their jurisdiction and this can be really helpful for pupils who want to learn more about chosen career paths.

Careers Education Teaching Ideas and Free Classroom Resources

The Internet Helps Teachers Give Students A Real Flavour of Career Paths

In the last century careers guidance was traditionally a meet with the school teacher, followed by a read through bog standard literature in the careers library, but the internet has changed all that. You can find a wealth of free teaching resources that allow pupils to learn all about career choices. There is video footage, company portfolios, and what do you want to do quizzes galore. Many of the UKs larger companies run their own careers portals so you can encourage pupils to do a bit of their own research too.

Want to join your professional association?

If you would like to benefit from joining an educational association then The Association for Careers Education and Guidance (ACEG) could be for you. They focus of effective leadership and run a series of conferences and seminars. They can help with the management and delivery of careers within education and how best to do this in the framework of the national curriculum. They also have a network of local contacts and national consultants that you can call upon and who are all very experienced practitioners. They review and recommend resources and best practices.

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