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Lesson and Teaching Ideas for Primary and Secondary School Drama Teachers

If you are looking for Drama teaching ideas for key stage 1 and performance art pointers for key stage 2 then the links to free lesson plans and classroom ideas on this site can help you. For KS3 drama teachers there are wonderful free teaching resources from the Royal Shakespeare Company and key stage 4 students will love the range of monologues, improvisations and plays as well as some fun theatrical games.

Drama lessons entail numerous topics and activities including: body movement analysis, facial expression exercises, stage placement, script analysis, script writing, performance techniques and much more.

How teachers can use free lesson ideas to enhance their classes

The internet offers lots of free teaching ideas that can help you inspire students to become more creative. Drama is a great way of getting students to challenge themselves and the world, and can provide them with an outlet for thoughts, emotions and dreams that they may not be able to express otherwise.

Drama has also been used to help reinforce other curriculum subjects and some of the free teaching resources that we list can help with this. One of the obvious ways of linking this in is to use classical plays, and many websites have good information on these freely available for you to use. There are some great alternatives you can use to teach such as computer packages that deal with staging issues, such as lighting which can be really good fun. You can also use video clips on the internet to showcase parts out of plays or even set and costume design.

Dance is a great part of the performing arts syllabus and there are some cool free videos and worksheets that can inspire classroom activities. It is also worth visiting the websites of the main theatres in the UK that regularly produce great free teacher packs.

National Teachers Association

If you are looking to join an association for teaching professionals, try National Drama. They are a well organized professional body and lobby for their subject in the national curriculum. They promote the right for each child to have entitlement to drama and the performing arts.

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