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Lesson Ideas for Primary and Secondary School ICT Teachers

If you are searching for teaching ideas for KS1 ICT students then this site has links to lesson plans that help with topics such as identifying hardware and software. For computer based lesson ideas at KS2 there are some great games to help with mouse control and word processing skills. We link to some super sites that can help teach the ICT curriculum at KS3 and deal with functional skills At KS4 find resources that give you ideas for digital management activities.

Searching for FREE ICT Resources to use in your Class?

All schools now have access to the internet so whether you teach at primary or secondary level you can find great free teaching ideas to help enhance your classroom lessons. If you are looking to develop your students functional skills exercises on creating folder infra-structures with different types of subfolders complete with word processing files, spreadsheets and multi media files can be useful. Of course the internet itself is integral to help students learn how they can identify and use information. 

There are some good free lesson plans that encourage pupils to use appropriate search techniques to find information. You can teach them how to use search engines and browsers, how to find images and how to navigate forums, maps and web pages. There are online worksheets that also encourage pupils to develop and refine the information they have selected and use appropriate software to display their findings. 

In terms of using appropriate software, there are exercises that encourage ICT students at key stage 3 and key stage 4 to process and analyse numerical data. They are then encouraged to display their findings in the correct graphical formats and develop the skills to apply the correct field names and data types to use the info. Finally students can analyse and draw conclusions from the data they have organised by searching, sorting and editing records. 

Useful Free Website-Based ICT Resources for Teachers

So what do some of the larger companies offer teachers for free? As part of their responsible business programme, BT has developed some useful online resources and games that can be used in the classroom. For key stage 1 they have an alien abduction game and for key stage 2 teachers they have a great ‘How to make a Podcast’ assignment that includes free sound editing software. Google have a wide and varied portfolio of educational tools in their Googlelabs section. One example is Google Body, an online ‘game’ where you can strip of layers of the human body to see what is underneath. The Adobe Education Exchange has a useful range of lesson plans for different age groups. They offer a good introduction to digital media and the activities are challenging as classroom activities. 

Do you want Support of a Teachers Association?

If you would like to join a teachers association then take a look at the Naace website. They have a strong vision on how technology can help educators and can give you help, advice and support.

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