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Trying to inspire your students to embrace their work experience and improve their employability skills? Choose KS3 or KS4 on this page and browse the list of free work-related learning teaching resources for you to use in your classroom. All are age appropriate and teach pupils about communication, team-work, importance of work and much more.

Fantastic Free Work-Related Learning Teaching Resources are only a Click Away

Try inspiring your students to enter the world of business by improving their skills for the workplace? In these tough economic times, students need their CVs to shine so work related learning, especially good solid work experience, is vital if they want to succeed. If there is a career pupils are interested in, encourage them to do their own investigation. If they put in the groundwork and get experience of office work, retail, manufacture industries, or construction – in fact any area they are interested in, they can add it to add to their resume.

 The internet allows students to do their own research quickly and efficiently and find out about lots of types of jobs and career paths that are open to them. Teachers of WRL can find ideas online and there are some fun work related activities that deal with topics from finding out about eye contact to adapting to change in business.

Work-Related Learning at Secondary Schools

WRL should be introduced to pupils when they reach Secondary School. For both KS3 and KS4, pupils should be taught and made aware of what they can do in their future, that they should get work experience and also how to excel in any job that they do. At KS3, pupils should be introduced to WRL, covering the basics and learn about the importance of skills and knowledge gained through work. At KS4, pupils are asked to partake in projects which develops skills and provides a basis for them to find work and career paths after Secondary School.

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