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Lesson Plans and Ideas for Primary and Secondary School RE Teachers

Religious Education helps students make sense of ethical and philosophical questions in the 21st Century. There are some great free RE lesson plans at KS1 that introduce stories which are Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Sikh and Muslim. Free calendars of festivals can be found to inspire KS2 RE pupils. There are interactive RE theory games for KS3 and KS4 religious education worksheets deal with topics from suffering and the problems of evil to the existence of God.

RE Teachers can Source Great Lesson Plans, Stories, Worksheets, Video Footage and even Ethical Debates that will Enhance any Classroom Tutorial

Britain now caters to more Religions and Beliefs than ever before and with the medium of the internet, RE teachers have a wide range of free material at their finger tips to visually show students the vast wealth of religious diversity that the world has to offer. 

At primary level there are some great stories that range from Christian themes of Jesus and the Bible, to Sikh themes such as a concise introduction and to the Guru Granth Sahib. 

At secondary level, teachers can find some great worksheets (the BBC provide a good set) and some illuminating video clips of religious festivals. Assemblies, especially in many of the UK’s Christian or Catholic schools have traditionally been based on religious themes and have been a time of worship. 

Many schools are linked to local churches and teachings will very much tie in with the church’s beliefs and viewpoints. Schools can benefit by making student aware of the range of festivals which happen around the world and as many classrooms are now multicultural students can be encouraged to talk about their own religious views and experiences. 

The National Association of Teachers of Religious Education

The National Association of Teachers of Religious Education is a great starting point for all RE teachers. It has up to date educational news, debates (currently the issues of the Ebacc is a hot topic), ideas on supporting RE in the curriculum and contacts for local groups that can help you.

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