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Free RE KS1 Teaching Resources for Primary Schools

The National Curriculum – Religious Education at KS1

Schools follow a locally agreed syllabus for RE that has been adopted by their local education authority. The National Curriculum programme of study is used to illustrate knowledge, skills and understanding that children should develop during Key Stage 1.

Throughout Key Stage 1, children explore Christianity and at least one other major religion. They listen and respond to stories and artefacts, for example, that help them to learn about different beliefs related to God and the world around them. It is recommended that children visit places of worship and focus on the symbols they find and feelings experienced in that place.

Children learn about religion. This includes celebrations, forms of worship and rituals in religions. They may engage with scaredsacred texts and religious stories contained in them. Children discuss the meaning of these. Children at Key Stage 1 also learn from religion. They consider what is important and matters to them. Children may consider how values in a religion may relate to their own behaviour.

Materials and Resources

The materials in this section can be used to support the teaching of RE and principles behind it. Making pupils aware of any Religion is considered important in this day and age so these sites we have found will make it easier to teach pupils about Religions. Christianity is the main Religion in the UK so this is why children following the UK National Curriculum are taught about it. Pupils are taught about the other Religions that are present in the UK.

Dottie and Buzz have songs, games, information on topics covered in Religious Studies. There is a page for teachers as it provides them information on the site, materials and the Dottie and Buzz site. This is a Christian based site as it talks about Baptism, Creation, Forgiving and more. Each part splits into further sections that are in depth.


3 Key Free Teaching Resources

Dottie and Buzz

The Dottie and Buzz site allows RE to be taught through interesting characters that act as a positive role model for young children.

Find out more about Dottie and Buzz


Oxfam II

Oxfam II provides great activities and information on teaching children of all ages about diversity.

Find out more about Oxfam II


Your Page

Make A Mizrah As Part Of Learning About Judaism at KS1 RE.

Find out more about Your Page


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