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Free RE KS2 Teaching Resources for Primary Teachers

Programme of Study for KS2 Religious Education

Local education authorities adopt a locally agreed syllabus for RE. Schools must follow this syllabus when planning and teaching RE. The National Curriculum programme of study illustrates the knowledge, skills and understanding that children should develop during Key Stage 2.

Throughout Key Stage 2, children learn about Christianity and two other major religions. They consider religion and belief in the local community, nationally and globally. Children learn about the beliefs, teachings and practices in religions studied. They look at the similarities and differences within and between religions to develop a sense of diversity in religion.

KS2, children learn about religion. This involves key aspects of religions, such as stories and traditions. They consider how ways of life in religions are influenced by teachings and beliefs.

On this page you will find sites that have detailed information about Religious as well as resources that will help teach RE at KS2.

Themes in RE

There are many themes identified in the National Curriculum programme of study. For example, symbols and how religious ideas are expressed, scared places, teachings in scaredsacred texts and the journey of life and death. These provide opportunities for children to encounter different points of view, reflect on their own views and express them.

Childrens BBC has a great guide about Islam. It talks about their own themes as well as the Religion itself on a whole. Everything is laid out in a simple way so that KS2 RE pupils can understand it. Important facts about Muslims and Islam are covered such as their Holy Text, Muhammad, the Five Pillars, Beliefs and food.

Strathclyde Uni has information and images on 6 different religions and deities that can be used in KS2 RE classes. All information is clearly laid out and images can be seen in a sliding gallery so that they can be seen quickly and easily.


4 Key Free Teaching Resources

Strathclyde Uni

Online bank of artefacts from different Religions with descriptions and images.

Find out more about Strathclyde Uni


Oxfam II

Oxfam II provides great activities and information on teaching children of all ages about diversity.

Find out more about Oxfam II


Childrens BBC

Children learning about the different aspects of Islam such as their Holy text, festivals, etc...

Find out more about Childrens BBC



Brilliant site for KS2 teachers as it has many resources for multiple Religions and topics.

Find out more about RE Online


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