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Lesson Ideas for Primary and Secondary School MFL Teachers

If you are looking for free lesson ideas for KS1 French classes and online interactive MFL vocabulary games for KS2 then we have listed the sites for you. If you want to improve your students’ vocabulary at KS3 French, German and Spanish, or tidy up pronunciations for KS4 languages, then go to your relevant key stage and find the free MFL teacher tools that you need.

MFL Online Learning Tools and Resources to Help Primary and Secondary Teachers

Primary teachers can encourage and entertain key stage 1 and key stage 2 pupils with the great range of language based games and puzzles that are available on the net. Not only will they help children with the basic vocabulary but the pronunciations that they will be able to listen to bring the languages to life in a fun and varied way. Just being able to hear the modern foreign languages being applied to visual concepts will really help young primary students grasp the basics.

If you are looking for grammar exercises for KS3 French, pronunciation tips for KS4 German or teaching ideas for your Spanish or Italian classes, the internet has lesson plans and worksheets that can help your students. There are some great related language sites out there that you could use too. One wonderful site lists students who are looking for pen pals from around the World. This is a great way to get your primary and secondary pupils to practice their language skills. There are lots of pen pals from all across Europe but your pupils could pick a pen pal from South America and practice their Spanish or a French speaking Canadian and try corresponding in French. There are websites that also showcase schools from around the world if you would like to show your students a little more on cultural diversity.

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