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Free School Fundraising Teaching Resources

Fundraising Ideas and More for School Fundraising Groups

Parents, teachers, students and PTA members all need to raise funds for their school or pre-school at some point but it can be tricky knowing where to start or what are the best fundraising ideas. On this page you can find a host of easy, quick and fun fundraising ideas, projects and activities that are ideal for most schools. Best of all, they all feature free samples, activities and ideas for fundraisers that will get you started. A well thought out and planned fundraiser event that goes down well will ensure a good future for any more fundraising events.

Top Tips for School Fundraisers

1. Decide on your target for fundraising and what it is for. Then let everybody know. The more specific you can be the better. 
2. Understand the circumstances of your parents and school community. Be realistic about what you can achieve and what people will be willing to give. 
3. Combine fundraising events and activities with products and projects to add variety. 
4. Try something new as well as using well established fundraising activities. 
5. Make sure you publicise your events or products in school newsletters, on notice-boards and posters to get as many people involved and aware as possible. 
6. Go into PTA meetings with lots of ideas and be prepared for only a few of them to be popular. 
7. Play on the strengths of your school and the curriculum. A FairTrade event for example works brilliantly as a way of teaching children about citizenship and healthy eating as well as raising money for charity. 
8. Start small if you are not confident. Every little helps. 
9. Get the support of staff, parents and the children. The best fundraisers come from the ideas of the kids.
10. Use key calendar dates such as Easter or Christmas to tie in with fundraising for your school or charity.


8 Key Free Teaching Resources



Fundraising Done the Eco Way with EcoKids; Get Rid of Unused Textiles!

Find out more about EcoKids

Asthma UK

Asthma UK

Asthma UK provide free education resources which help teachers educate children about asthma. They provide a range of information and support for people with asthma, their families, and professionals.

Find out more Visit their website

Practical Action

Practical Action

Inspiring resources on sustainability, climate change, renewable energy and global learning

Find out more about Practical Action

The Cookbook Initiative

The Cookbook Initiative

Create your Own School’s Healthy Cookbook & Promote Healthy Eating Whilst Fundraising

Find out more about The Cookbook Initiative



Help with both Primary and Secondary School fundraising as everyone is asked to sell their unwanted textiles to Bag2School.

Find out more about Bag2School


Class Fundraising

For class fundraising, this site offers a selection of art packs that children can use and sell to raise money for a cause.

Find out more about Class Fundraising


Barnardo’s Big Toddle

Banardo’s BigToddle helps organise a charity walking event for the under 5s that helps raise money.

Find out more about Banardo's Big Toddle



This is a fund-raising ideas site that has a variety of art & design resources which can help raise money for any cause.

Find out more about FunMats



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