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Resources for Secondary School Business Studies Teachers

If you are looking for real life business studies teaching resources and worksheets for your classes then this is the site for you. We have sourced great case studies from real life businesses and specially written lesson plans from some of the UK’s top organisations, and they are all free for teachers. If you are looking for business ideas case studies at KS3 click through to this section and you will see a great range of companies that can offer your students some real life learning. There are some super personal finance and international trading resources for KS4, plus some interesting lesson plans from organisations such as the Patents Office and Bank of England Museum.

Top UK businesses give secondary teachers a helping hand with fantastic free teaching ideas.

If you are looking for some fresh new lesson plans to liven up your curriculum then you are in for a treat. Business is a dynamic marketplace and with popular TV shows such as 'The Apprentice', 'Dragon’s Den' and 'Being the Boss' it has its place in popular culture in the 21st Century.

A lot of UK organizations run corporate responsibility programmes and as part of this they produce great classroom resources and lesson plans. Many of the big banks produce personal finance materials that can really help teaching staff inform students about the world of banking and credit and how it can affect them personally.

The Times 100 offers a comprehensive range of case studies, many provided by real companies, with topics ranging from marketing, finance, environment, strategy and operations management.


Associations for Teaching Professionals

The EBEA works with teachers to improve economics, business studies and enterprise. They have a bank of current and active support material members can access. They run high quality workshops, conferences and meetings and have a handy networking facility. They also have a newsletter that is published once a month when it is term time. Their GCSE Business Studies section has a range of articles and downloads that will support teachers when educating pupils about this subject.

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