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Free Early Years Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources and Material for Early Years Teachers

Finding activities, games and lessons suitable for children in nursery, pre-school and foundation stage can sometimes be a challenge. Finding good quality teaching resources is even harder. That’s why we have developed the Early Years section of Free Resources. Below you will find links to top quality free resources, ideas and educational material on offer from a range of organisations to give you some new ideas for your classroom and also resources that you can use to make the room colourful, fun and engaging.

Teaching and engaging early years children can be sometimes difficult so EarlyLearningHQ will be a helpful site to use and refer to. They have plenty of resources which include songs, posters, games and more which are colourful, interactive and fun. Children can learn basic Maths and English skills through this safe-to-use site. There are also photos and illustrations which are a lot better to use with younger children rather than big blocks of plain text. EarlyLearningHQ also has lesson plans based around children’s toys which will certainly perk their interests.

Early Years Foundation Stage Resources

Early Years Foundation Stage (or EYFS) is the government’s education department guideline for those working with very young children to use as help and support in order to offer the right learning environment. It is linked in with a child’s natural development stages and is based on recording a series of observations about the child as they learn and grow. There are some exceptional websites out there that share free material for foundation and key stage 1. There are literally thousands of work sheets, posters and ideas sheets that you can print out and use with your class. Many of the print outs are good quality, nice and bright and will liven up any classroom wall. Similarly, you can distribute the work sheets to children and parents who will find the simple activities fun to do.


9 Key Free Teaching Resources



Free teaching resources to help you develop informed, responsible and active citizens.

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Asthma UK

Asthma UK

Asthma UK provide free education resources which help teachers educate children about asthma. They provide a range of information and support for people with asthma, their families, and professionals.

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Key stage one and early years foundation stage resources for teachers to share with you.

Find out more about EarlyLearningHQ

Learn With Dogs

Learn With Dogs

Free downloadable resources that include information on responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs to help educate the dog owners of tomorrow.

Find out more about Learn With Dogs

E-safety Support

E-safety Support

E-safety Support. It is a comprehensive suite of resources developed to help schools to meet Ofsted requirements by delivering a clear strategy that promotes shared (teachers, pupils, parents etc) responsibility for e- safety.

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silkysteps - Teaching Resources

Silkysteps provides a selection of activity ideas for young children.

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Get Set

Primary and Secondary resources on the 2012 Olypics for Citizenship, PSHE and MFL.

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Morrison’s have lesson plans, tips, guides and more that Primary and Secondary School teachers can access about schools growing their own food.

Find out more about Morrisons



The Under5s site offers resources for Early Years and KS1 teaching.

Find out more about Under5s


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