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Lessons for Primary and Secondary School Geography Teachers

Discover super free geography resources for all key stages. If you are looking to enhance geography lessons at KS1, inspire students about the world at KS2, bring mapping to life for KS3 lessons or study the weather and its effect at KS4 then this site of free teaching resources is a good starting point.

Brilliant Free Resources to Bring the World into your Geography Classes

If you want to teach your student mapping skills then there are lots of free map sites including Get Mapping, MapZone and MultiMap. Students can actively plot routes, work out distances and even look at different types of terrain. If you want to explore how the weather works, there is great free material at the BBC Weather site and the Met Office site. For primary children, the Met Office has some great games and quizzes, including the raindrop letter game, the cloud attack game and the snowflake puzzle. These are really fun games that help eye and hand co-ordination. They also have colouring sheets and lots of great weather related project ideas. 

For secondary children they have a good range of case studies which document different types of severe weather and include Bodmin Snow, Hurricane Katrina, Boscastle Floods and London’s Killer Smog. If you want to show students more about rocks and minerals then there are some fantastic resources at the Natural History Museum site and the British Geological Survey site. We have, of course, included the link to Google Earth. This is a phenomenal tool that gives students the world’s geographical information at their fingertips. The Google Earth for Educators Community gives you great information and tips on how to use Google Earth as a teaching tool. Although there is nothing quite like being out there on a Geography field trip, the internet offers a rich wealth of teaching resources to help students with their comprehension and visually show them how the world around them works. 

The Geographical Association

The professional body for teachers of this subject is The Geographical Association. They have a large pool of online journals with up to the minute geographical research features & findings and they run a series of events and CPD.

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