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Free RE KS3 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

The Curriculum – What is studied in KS3 RE

At Key Stage 3, a locally agreed syllabus is adopted by local education authorities. It is a statutory subject, but the content is established at local level. The National Curriculum programme of study outlines the skills, knowledge and understanding that pupils at Key Stage 3 are expected to develop.

Pupils learn about Christianity and at least two other major religions. They may learn about a religious community that feature within the local community. Some schools may teach a secular view, such as Humanism.

In studying religions, pupils may be taught using a thematic approach. Themes can include issues related to God, the world and life after death. They may learn about how those who follow a particular religion are guided by teachings.

Pupils could engage in discussion about ethical and moral choices, considering different points of view. They might examine religion and beliefs about human rights and responsibilities. Pupils may also consider global issues and religious perspectives on wealth, war, animal rights and the environment.

If a school has a Religion then RS classes may be based around that Religion. For example, topics such as science, theology, festivals and other Religions may be taught from a specific Religious viewpoint, (Christian, Muslim, Sikh, etc…)


We have chosen some fantastic sites that teachers can use in KS3 Religious Studies.  There are lesson plans, images, information and revision notes. Teachers can use these resources and adapt them to create a classroom display which will engage Secondary School pupils. Ideas for revision could be asking pupils to create posters for displays. have resources for teaching about the Catholic branch of Christianity. Theology, Sacraments, Science, Art, Documents and more are covered, with a Catholicism basis.

When looking at the Diversity topic in KS3 Religious studies, Oxfam II is a brilliant site to use. It has teachers notes, information and a poster which will help when teaching about Diversity. Activities are also included and involve group work. 


5 Key Free Teaching Resources

A selection of resources for Religious Studies on Catholicism.

Find out more about


Revision Centre

This is an RE Revision site for GCSE students with plenty of resources.

Find out more about Revision Centre


PETA Foundation

Peta Foundation has brilliant resources as it contains videos, posters, images and so much more.

Find out more about PETA Foundation


Oxfam II

Oxfam II provides great activities and information on teaching children of all ages about diversity.

Find out more about Oxfam II


York St John

A place where teachers and others can upload and share their resources about Religion.

Find out more about York St John


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