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Free RE KS4 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

GCSE Religious Studies

Pupils in Key Stage 4 may be working towards a GCSE in Religious Studies. There are different examination boards that produce specifications that inform the topics taught to pupils. This may also be influenced by the locally agreed RE syllabus adopted by the local education authority a school is in.

At Key Stage 4, pupils may study ethics. This could include topics such as abortion, euthanasia, sexual relationships, prejudice and discrimination, the environment and conflict. Pupils study this from a personal and various religious perspectives. They encounter different arguments on the same subject and come to appreciate valid points even if it is at odds with their own opinion. If the school is religious based then these views will be looked at from their main religious point of view.

KS 4 pupils may study philosophy, which addresses the existence of God, the problem of evil in the world, the relationship between religion and science and the afterlife. They engage in debates, form arguments and respond to other perspectives.

Pupils in Key Stage 4 also study religions in depth, such as Christianity and other major religions (Islam, Sikh, Hindu, Judaism, etc…).

Resources and Materials

Pupils will need support, revision notes and well planned out lessons when studying Religious Studies at GCSE level. On this page you will find all that you will need when teaching KS4 Religious Studies as well as some useful sites to support revision of the subject.

BBC Revision Resources KS4 have materials for the different topics covered at this level as well as a mock exam to help pupils practice what is like to take an exam in exam conditions. Each section provides carefully mapped out revision sessions with quotes, references and information; at the end is a test which will help pupils to see what parts they need more work on.


9 Key Free Teaching Resources

York St John

A place where teachers and others can upload and share their resources about Religion.

Find out more about York St John


Philosophers Net

Games and Activities all relating to KS3 Religious Studies.

Find out more about Philosophers Net



Tearfund has lots of resources that can be used in KS4 classes about Poverty and Justice.

Find out more about Tearfund

Site for both Primary and Secondary School revision as it provides quizzes for multiple subjects.

Find out more about


BBC Revision Resources KS4

For KS4 RE classes, this site covers various topics that can be revised and there are also mock papers so that children can be tested.

Find out more about BBC R.R KS4


RS Revision

RS Revision has games and activities that covers Religious Studies GCSE topic.

Find out more about RS Revision


Revision Centre

This is an RE Revision site for GCSE students with plenty of resources.

Find out more about Revision Centre

A selection of resources for Religious Studies on Catholicism.

Find out more about


PETA Foundation

Peta Foundation has brilliant resources as it contains videos, posters, images and so much more.

Find out more about PETA Foundation


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