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Mapzone offers various teaching resources as well as homework help and an interactive section for students to use.

Learning and Teaching Resources

MapZone provides resources to support the teaching of Geography in line with the National Curriculum by clicking on the ‘Teaching Resources’ icon.

Maps- Directions, Symbols and More

There is information on map making and map symbols. The resources also cover compass directions, grid references, measuring distance and understanding scale. These can be downloaded in an editable format, which will enable teachers to adapt them as necessary. A step-by-step guide is available to help pupils in reading maps with ease. Materials such as these support developing geographical enquiry skills. 

Lessons, Worksheets and Activities

Lesson plans, accompanying worksheets and homework activities can also be found. These cover topics such as flood damage, wind power, farm management and shopping. The lesson plans clearly show learning outcomes and relate the content to the Geography programme of study. An advantage of the planning is that it can be downloaded in an editable format so teachers can adapt it with ease to suit their needs and that of the pupils they teach.


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