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Helps archaeology students develop their skills, gain activity ideas and understand the subject in more detail.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The Young Archaeologists Club provide information sheets and suggested activities that can develop pupils’ geographical skills. There are activities that involve developing observational and descriptive skills. Resources are also included that are ready for use in the classroom. Drawing and photography skills are explored with pupils learning how to successfully record objects and use a scale. A sheet is provided that explains the use of scale bars and offers photocopiable scale bars that pupils can use in their own work, making appropriate choices in terms of the scale chosen.

Supporting Children in Development

These materials are useful in supporting children developing concepts of scale and characteristics of places in the Key Stage 3 Geography programme of study. They are also relevant to developing geographical enquiry where pupils collect and record evidence, present their findings and use techniques when conducting fieldwork. In the programme of study, graphicacy and visual literacy are an aspect that pupils are taught, which includes the use of scales and photographs. The resources from the Young Archaeologists Club support learning in this area.


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