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Coventry City Council will help Primary School Maths Students to learn the value of digits in numbers.

Learning and Teaching Resources

As part of the PSHE National Curriculum, children learn to take care of the environment around them. They come to understand the purpose of rules in different situations and why these are needed. This website provides information related to how respect for the countryside should be shown.

The Countryside Code

Teachers will find materials and information related to The Countryside Code. This covers planning to stay safe and the importance of following signs. It refers to the use of gates and how property in the countryside should be treated. There is information on how plants and animals can be protected as well as how to manage and control dogs in the countryside.

Supporting Lessons about the Countryside

This is a useful website that can be used to support lessons prior to a visit into the countryside. There is also information on places that can be visited so children can out The Countryside Code into practice outside of the classroom.


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