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An online Geography interactive resource on exploring Volcanoes.

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During Key Stage 2, 3 & 4 Geography, learning about the landscape and different features is part of the curriculum. Pupils also learn about how aspects of the landscape are formed. Volcanoes and volcanic activity is a dramatic topic that can really engage and excite children. This is a resource that pupils will enjoy using in the classroom and even at home! KS4 pupils can use the Volcano Explorer on the Discovery Channel site for revision.


This website provides opportunities to explore the Earth and volcanoes virtually. There is information on tectonic plates and where volcanic activity can be found globally. This is supported by an animated globe. Types of volcanoes are explained and a cross section of a volcano provided. Plate boundries and active volanoes are labelled on the animated globe.

Virtual Volcano

One of the major highlights on the website is the virtual volcano. This enables children to build their own volcano and watch it erupt. They can change the magma viscosity and gas content as two factors involved in the shape and explosiveness of a volcano. Children can then watch it erupt with the animation providing labels of the features and their definitions.


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