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Met Office Education provides KS1, 2 & 3 lesson plans as well as in-depth information and data that can be used in Geography classes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The Met Office provide educational resources, which include lesson plans and worksheets. For Key Stage 3, there are materials on the topic of ‘Day and Night’ (aimed at Year 7), ‘Seasons’ (designed for Year 7), ‘Hydrological Cycle’ (for Year 8) and ‘Artificial Satellites’ (devised for pupils in Year 9). These highlight the relationship between Geography and Science. 

Lesson Plans, Animations and Demonstations

The lesson plans identify the prior learning pupils may bring to the units of work and details are given for delivering the sessions. Resources needed for this are available to download.  These include animations, which are an excellent way of engaging pupils and helping them to understand concepts or processes. Demonstrations and information on how to carry these out are also available within lesson plans, helping to make concepts or processes more concrete for pupils. The Met Office also provides answers to tasks and worksheets.

This would be an excellent place to visit in order to identify resources or teaching ideas to update current schemes of work.


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