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Learn about nutritious school meals and global hunger with the story of a Kenyan school girl named Molly, who can stay in education thanks to the meals she receives at school.

The United Nations World food Programme (WFP) is the world’s largest humanitarian agency working to combat global hunger and malnutrition. Working in over 71 countries WFP feeds over 91 million people a year.

This World Food Day October 16th, WFP invites you to share with your students the power of nutritious school meals. For millions of hungry children around the world, the WFP meal they receive at school is often their only meal of the day. Through these school meals, young people can grow, develop and receive an education.The WFP  would like to introduce you and your students to Molly, a teenager living in one of Africa’s largest slums in Nairobi, Kenya. She receives a WFP meal at school every day. Learn about Molly’s World and why school meals are important for students like her and engage your class in a discussion on the world’s greatest solvable problem: hunger.

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