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A site that provides different Geography Lesson Plans for students at KS3 level.

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During the Key Stage 3 Geography programme of study, pupils consider the location of places. They learn about physical geography and processes at work in the landscape around us. The National Geographic provides a lesson on earthquakes, taking a case study approach. It allows pupils to learn about the cause and effect of earthquakes, locations on Earth that are prone to this type of activity and how human beings respond to consequences of earthquakes.

Lesson Plans & Links

The lesson plan makes use of online activities which are interactive. It also balances time spent on independent learning with key questions and paper-based activities to monitor pupils’ understanding. This lesson, where a case study of the 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan is used, can be a starting point for pupils conducting further research into historical or current earthquake activity and make comparisons.

There are also links to other webpages that can help pupils develop greater knowledge and understanding of the physical processes behind earthquakes and how humans respond to these.


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