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Online Mind Mapping App from SpiderScribe for Upper KS2, KS3 and KS4

Learning and Teaching Resource

Some pupils may find that they need to visually organise ideas, information and notes. This can be achieved through paper-based graphic organisers. However, SpiderScribe is an online mind-mapping tool that can be used to organise ideas by connecting together different resources. There is also the potential for sharing and collaborating on mind-mapping activities. One of the great things about this tool is that the mind maps can be accessed anywhere as they are stored in what is referred to as ‘the cloud’.

This application enables text, images, documents, events and locations to be collected, organised and shared. It has great potential for supporting the planning of projects, constructing presentations, visualising concepts and researching topics. As a tool for supporting teaching and learning, it has a huge amount of potential for cross-curricular application.

SpiderScribe offers free access to creating unlimited public maps, up to three private maps and provides a 3MB space for files and images. This is a fantastic opportunity to see what the application has to offer.

Cross-Curricular Applications

SpiderScribe could be used within Science to demonstrate concepts. There are applications in History where events and sources can be drawn together in order to provide a coherent and evolving view of the past. In a similar way, enquiry-based work in Geography could be supported by using this online tool.

It is also worth considering how this may be a useful tool for supporting revision of topics and themes, especially given files can be added to the mind maps created.

There really are countless ways in which this online collaborative tool can be used to support teaching and learning across a range of core and foundation curriculum areas.

Primary teachers may wish to explore the potential use of this online tool with children at Year 5 and Year 6 in different areas of the curriculum or as a means of making classroom work accessible outside.



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