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Free Music KS2 Teaching Resources for Primary Teachers

Development and Skills of Music at KS2

At Key Stage 2, children sing songs and play instruments with more confidence. They improvise musical compositions in response to stimuli. Children consider the thoughts and feelings evoked by pieces of music from different genres, times and cultures.

Children develop performing skills by singing in unison or parts. They are encouraged to consider diction, their control of pitch and phrasing. Untuned instruments and tuned instruments are played. At Key Stage 2, children develop their composing skills. This may include improvising rhythms and melodies that can then be refined for performance to an audience. In building appraisal skills, children at Key Stage 2 compare sounds and consider how musical elements, such as pitch, duration and texture, contribute to  moods and effects.

A great way for pupils to get practice in playing instruments and singing is to put on plays and musicals (which can tie in with the Drama subject). This will help build their confidence when playing for a large group of people and it will also help them develop their performing skills.


This section provides websites that offer ideas and starting points for teaching Music at Key Stage 2, including materials to develop subject knowledge. There are links to websites that enable ICT to be incorporated into Music. Sing Up provides a bank of songs that can be used in different areas of the curriculum along with resources to develop teacher confidence in delivering Music at Key Stage 2.

Sing Up is a useful site that supports teachers when teaching pupils how to develop their singing skills. There are songs and activities that pupils can use to practice singing and also learn about new compositions, chords and more. Sing Up also provides advice on how to build confidence, form clubs and also what to do in lessons. There are articles that cover a range of Music topics and areas which we think you’ll find quite helpful.


7 Key Free Teaching Resources

TVO Kids

TVO Kids is a interactive site for Primary School Music students, that teaches them how to create a music track.

Find out more about TVO Kids


A&C Black Highlights

A&C Black helps support teachers when teaching musical instruments and musical tunes.

Find out more about A&C Black Highlights


Anvil Studio

This music site provides a free program called ‘Anvil Studio’ that allows a person to record, compose, sequence and play music.

Find out more about Anvil Studio


Curriculum Online

Curriculum Online is for Primary and Secondary School Music teachers for it has support materials, teaching resources and many more helpful stuff.

Find out more about C.O



This music site provides a free audio editor developed by a team of software developers, translators, etc...

Find out more about Audacity


Sing Up - Teaching Resources

The Sing Up site helps Primary School Drama and Music pupils to help develop performing skills.

Find out more about Sing Up


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