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Music 4 Education, although an American site, has lots of useful activities to draw ideas from for both Primary and Secondary school Music teachers.  In the Resources section you can find lists of Music teaching resources such as music worksheets, lesson plans and activities to make any Music lesson interesting and challenging for your students.  A useful aspect of the Resources section is that you can see where the designer of each resource comes from - so although there are a lot of resources designed by teachers in the USA, there are resources from UK teachers and they are easily found.

Primary and Secondary Specific

You may have to spend some time looking through the material as it’s not sorted in any particular order but there is still great stuff to find here. At Primary School level, try the opera activity – lots of fun as well as teaching children about opera performances. For added entertainment, raid the drama wardrobe too for costumes.  At Secondary School level there is an interesting worksheet focused on writing Blues lyrics, or for those interested in on online approach there is a guide to creating a department website.  Music 4 Education is a small site but well worth checking out.

Teacher Review:

Emma Wilkinson, head of music at Heathfield High school in Leicestershire reviews

Especially useful are the schemes of atmospheric music and rap music which are available. These are both topics that I have taught before, and I would take ideas from these sites. They were detailed and included teacher notes, lesson plans, audio files and even pupils resources in Word and PDF formats. I shall be certainly looking at some of these ideas and they seemed to be of good quality. Both topics I have taught previously within the curriculum.

There are other single sheets of resources on a variety of topics such as blues, reggae and rhythm.  The PowerPoint presentations would be of particular use to anyone who had an interactive whiteboard although I couldn’t access the rhythm resources no matter how many times I tried!

There were also useful resources for any music teacher submitted by others such as how to create peripatetic timetables, information about steel pans and useful information about how to create your own department music site.

The best thing about the site is that it is easy to navigate. There are some extremely useful resources that are free, which isn’t the case with some other sites.  It is also handy that these resources are in a variety of formats, including Word, PDF, audio files and websites which provide even more accessibility for all. Disadvantages of the site are that it is a shame that there isn’t a discussion board that could be moderated in some way.  Also the resources need organising to help individuals find what they are looking for.  I will access this site and may even contribute resources to it.  An excellent set of free resources for all.


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