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Curriculum Online is for Primary and Secondary School Music teachers for it has support materials, teaching resources and many more helpful stuff.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Teachers will find various resources to support teaching Music in the primary stage of education. A particularly useful tool is the online virtual keyboard. It can be useful in introducing children to the idea that different notes are produced by different keys and that letters are used to describe these. The voice of the keyboard can also be changed from piano to saxophone and other instruments. This can be useful in drawing their attention to how ICT can be used to create sounds artificially without the need for actual instruments.

Support Compositional Skills

There are also resources to support compositional skills. For instance, links to materials that introduce graphic scores as a means of recording a composition that has been created so others can play it. Flashcards useful in helping children learn about rhythm can also be accessed for use in the classroom.

The resources support the development of performing and composing skills as outlined in the National Curriculum programme of study for Music.


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