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TVO Kids


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KS1, KS2

TVO Kids is a interactive site for Primary School Music students, that teaches them how to create a music track.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This is a simple online tool that children can be taught to use in order to make their own composition. Children drag musicians onto the stage who play different instruments. They can then adjust the volume of each, which is a good opportunity to discuss loud and quiet sounds. Children can also record the track they have created. This can then be played back.

Exploring Instruments and Sounds

Children can explore combining different instruments and sounds as well as developing their skills in using a mouse. They explore, choose and organise sounds, which is required in the Key Stage 1 programme of study in Music. The combination of sounds and their volume can be helpful in developing their listening skills and gasping the musical element of volume. It can also support children in understanding that sounds can be created using ICT.

This activity could be used by individuals or when children are working collaboratively in small groups.


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