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Make A Mizrah As Part Of Learning About Judaism at KS1 RE.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This webpage is useful when teaching about Judaism. In many Jewish homes, a decoration called a ‘mizrah’ is hung on the eastern wall. This is a reminder of where Jerusalem is for people of the Jewish faith. The webpage provides instructions that can be followed for children to make their own mizrah.

List of Materials and Instructions

There is a comprehensive list of materials, which are required to make the object. Teachers will see that most of these are accessible in schools and enable them to identify those that need to be acquired. The instructions for making are also detailed and can support teachers in identifying how this can be adapted in order to make it happen in the classroom. There is a printable picture available to put onto the mizrah.

Supporting the National Curriculum

The activity supports the National Curriculum programme of study for RE, which local educational authorities to draw upon to reach an agreed syllabus for the areas in which they are responsible.


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