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Young Engineers


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Young Engineers offers activity ideas, images and competitions for Children in KS2.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Young Engineers offers the opportunity for children to take part in national competitions.

Project Eggs Factor

For children in KS2, Project Eggs Factor is an appropriate challenge. They form and name their team who must design and make a method of transport for moving a quails egg intact through flying! It provides an opportunity for children to develop their group interaction and discussion skills as well as their ability to carry out research in producing their own transport system. This means that the project fits successfully into the National Curriculum programme of study for Design Technology and English.

Providing Oppertunities

This project also provides opportunities for children to look at nature’s strategies for overcoming problems as there is an emphasis on using biomimicry in design. Children could examine how plants, animals and people have solved problems of transport and explore how these could be applied in creating a mode of transportation. This provides excellent opportunities to make cross-curricular links with Science and developing their understanding of this through practical and purposeful activities.


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