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Starters and Plenary Ideas for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 RE


A place where teachers and others can upload and share their resources about Religion.

This is a excellent resource for secondary RE. It focuses specifically on lesson starters and plenaries drawn from KS3 and KS4 teachers’ experience of teaching RE. This teaching resource provides a useful reminder about the purpose of starters as an important aspect of lesson planning. There is also guidance for teachers on the importance of plenaries.

Teaching and Learning Ideas

The teaching and learning ideas in this resource pack cover generic plenaries, such as the use of concept maps and classification activities through to more active, group-led plenary activities. These are applicable to RE as well as other curriculum areas and may be helpful to colleagues teaching other subjects.

The suggested ideas for starters and plenaries are presented in a simple planning format. This proforma includes information on the lesson focus they are appropriate to, the religion that is being learned about as well as the year group it can be used with. However, secondary teachers of RE will see that the activities can be applied to KS3 and KS4 lessons and do not necessarily have to be only used in specific years of secondary education.

Pleanary Ideas

The plenary ideas cover a range of world religions that may form part of the secondary school curriculum, such as Christianity, Buddhism and so on. This makes the teaching tips really useful in being used across different contexts for learning in RE. Some of the starter and plenary planning includes resources that can be used in the classroom, which makes this teaching material a good way of saving some lesson preparation time. Some of the planning and resources provided contain key questions to use as part of lessons to encourage pupils to think.

Teachers of RE at secondary school level will find this is a useful planning tool as well as a source of teaching materials to support learning in the classroom. 


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