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Create word clouds in a number of subjects by using Wordle.

Create Word Clouds from Text Using Wordle

Wordle is an excellent website that allows you to change text that you provide into word clouds. Word clouds take the text and make those words that feature most prominently stand out. There is a choice of colour schemes, fonts and layouts that can be applied to the word clouds generated by Wordle. There are multiple possibilities for how the clouds produced can be used. They may be printed or saved to share with others.

It is incredibly easy to use, and cut and paste can be used in order to transfer text into the website and create these clouds.

Explore the Cross-Curricular Potential

There are lots of potential uses for this tool across the curriculum. For example, poems written by pupils can be given new meaning through Wordle as prominent words in the source text are brought to the forefront. It could also be a useful tool for exploring the work of a poet or author in order to examine the key words that are used. This is applicable at both secondary and primary levels of education.

Wordle could be used to produce striking coversheets for projects in a range of curriculum areas.

There are obvious uses in the curriculum areas of Design Technology and Art and Design.

Teachers may also unlock the potential of Wordle to create sheets whereby key words for a topic or curriculum area are given prominence so their importance is emphasised.

By visiting the Wordle site, teachers can view a gallery of images, or the clouds, created using this online tool that may inspire them to see the potential for using the website in the classroom. The website also features a forum whereby queries with using Wordle can be resolved and issues shared and sorted out through collaboration.


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