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How well do your students know their brains? New Big Picture Debates the Brain App – a free resource for classroom use.

Access your free Big Picture Debates the Brain app for classroom use.

From smart drugs and love to alcohol, Big Picture Debates the Brain encourages students to discuss social and ethical questions about the human brain, such as:  

•           Is being in love just a chemical reaction?

•           Are humans superior to other animals?

•           Is technology harming our brains?

Students can read evidence for and against in each topic area, vote, and share their views with peers.

There is a teacher's area, which provides suggestions for how the app can be used in the classroom.  

You can download the APP for IPAD or the ONLINE VERSION from their website.

In addition to this, they offer the free Big Picture publication (this issue is all about brains!) and a host of free online resources for you to enjoy or share.

The Big Picture team would like to hear your thoughts on the Big Picture app, as well as any questions or suggestions you have about the whole Big Picture series. Have your say by emailing the Big Picture team.

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