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Welephant is a site that helps make people aware about fire safety and can be used with KS1 pupils.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website provides information and resources on fire safety. They can support the PSHE National Curriculum at Key Stage 1 where children learn to stay safe, the ways of keeping safe and about people who help them to stay safe.

Bonfire Night

There is a feature on Bonfire Night. Teachers can print the Firework Code for use in the classroom. Teachers will also find a story about Bonfire Night that encourages them to think about safety. There is information on Fire Escape Plans that teachers can also draw upon.

The History of Fire Animated Story

The website has a story menu that provides access to ‘The History of Fire’. This is an animated story that could be shared with children on an interactive whiteboard. It can provide lots of discussion points about the use of fire in the past and how it is used in the present.

The resources make learning about fire and fire safety engaging as well as informative for children in Key Stage 1.


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