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Warburtons provides a good interactive site that talks about every aspect of their world.

Learning and Teaching Resources

The Warburtons website has both useful material that could be used within the classroom to support teaching and for children to interact with in order to carry out independent or guided research as part of a project.

Areas of the Site

The ‘Our World’ section of the website provides a village that can be navigated through. By visiting different locations, children can learn about Warburtons and bread production.

In ‘The Cafe’, recipes can be accessed that involve the use of bread and rolls. There is also information on other bread-based products, such as wraps, and recipes. This could be useful for children considering the range of fillings when perhaps undertaking their own design and make projects.

‘The Bakery’ section provides an activity where children can trace the production of bread from seed to loaf. This can support children’s understanding of food production and the various stages involved.

The ‘Health Store’ is particularly useful for learning about the nutritional content of bread products and support the teaching of healthy living and provide a source of information that could be used in designing sandwich products. There are a range of other locations that can also be navigated through to learn more about bread.


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