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Waitrose offers information on how production, the benefits of good food and its importance.

Learning and Teaching Resources

Waitrose provides materials that cover several areas of the curriculum, incorporating links between enterprise education, work-related learning, Design Technology and skills in communicating, use of number, negotiation and presentation. ‘Food for Thought’ can be requested by teachers who wish to provide their pupils with practical experience of decision-making when developing a new food product.

One Day Challenge

There is the option of using the materials for a one day challenge event or across a series of lessons. Pupil work in teams, taking on the role of buyers, suppliers and marketing as they develop a product from the farm to supermarket.
The enterprise element of this resource develops pupils’ organisational skills, how events beyond their control can affect decisions and consider the impact of their decisions in different ways, such as from a human, animal or environmental perspective.

Developing Skills

Teachers can develop key skills in their pupils with this resource, such as communication, number, the use of ICT, the ability to reflect on performance as a way of improving it and problem-solving. 


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