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KS3, KS4 can be used in Secondary School Business Studies classes as it explains accounting and economics.

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Ever got stuck trying to explain the LCM rule or sales volume variance? Now you can really know it all by using this comprehensive dictionary of accounting, business studies and economics terms. Ideal for business studies revision, essay help and teaching support.

Free Directory

The ITS Tutorial School website, has a very good free directory of Accounting, Business Studies and Economics which they claim is "possibly the most comprehensive business related dictionary on the internet for students".  This handy A to Z of business terms is perfect for secondary school pupils studying Business and a great help for revision and essay writing.  It could also be a geat Business Studies teaching support and seems very comprehensive.

The ITS Tutorial School website also includes a section on Economics and Business Studies command terms for essay writing and a selection of educational articles written by staff and students.


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