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Lots of resources for both Primary and Secondary School Citizenship and PSHE classes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website is useful as it provides a central point of reference for teaching plans, materials and other resources to support the teaching and learning of Citizenship and PSHE.


It also provides the opportunity for schools to engage in competitions. If taking part in these competitions, children will learn about consumer law, food and health, safety and the environment as well as managing money. These are all areas of awareness needed as they grow up and work towards greater independence. This leads to a quiz to test the knowledge and understanding gained.

Submitting Projects

Schools may also submit projects on a specific brief that is related to aspects of being a good citizen and playing an active role.

Browsing the Site

This website is worth a browse if you are looking for a way of enhancing and enriching the PSHE and Citizenship curriculum within an academic year. It is also worth a browse if you are thinking of a purposeful extra-curricular activity.


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