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Topmarks is a fantastic site that can really help when teaching KS2 pupils about the Chinese New Year.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This is an excellent website to support teaching and learning about Chinese New Year. It gives useful background information on Chinese New Year as the main festival or event of the year. It explains differences between the UK calendar and that of the Chinese. Songs and videos are available, which can allow children to really see what Chinese New Year is like.

Collection of Legends

A collection of legends about how animal names were chosen for the years are available. These are not only interesting stories to be shared and help develop children’s understanding of Chinese New Year, but could inspire cross-curricular work.


There is also a selection of activities for use in the classroom. There are movie clips of dances associated with Chinese New Year and ideas from these could be used as part of PE. Teachers will find instructions for making puppets of animals associated with Chinese New Year. The steps are easy to follow and make use of materials that can be readily found.


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