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Think Quest is for Primary and Secondary schools as it has a huge library and lots of projects.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website enables children to create projects, which can be shared online. It is possible to add pages, insert text, images and multimedia as well as set up interactive discussions. Using Think Quest in the classroom can be a very motivational use of ICT to develop children’s skills in this area of the curriculum as well as their abilities in communication and working collaboratively with others.

Project Learning

This resource emphasises the importance of project learning and children becoming self-directed in their learning. Projects encourage children to explore questions or problems and show initiative with the teacher facilitating rather than directly leading learning.

Supporting Teaching in the ICT Curriculum

Think Quest supports teaching the National Curriculum programme of study for ICT as children use skills in authoring multimodal texts. They must think about the purpose of what they create and if it suits the intended audience. Furthermore, it introduces them to a positive use of ICT in order to work collaboratively with others for the benefit of their learning.


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