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The Other 3 Rs


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The Other 3 Rs offers a course for KS2 & KS3 Citizenship students that help them learn about responsibility, relationships and respect.

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‘The Other 3 Rs’ is a complete course, including planning and resources, that can be downloaded to support teaching about responsibility, relationships and respect. This supports the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum for Citizenship.
There is a significant amount of information, ideas for lesson plans and supporting resources that will prove useful for teachers who wish to create an effective scheme of work.

It may be most suitable for Upper Key Stage 2 children, but the ideas and resources could be adapted for younger children in Key Stage 2. This resource encourages children to consider different types of authority. They find out about rules, laws and explore the concept of right and wrong.


Drama activities are suggested as a way of engaging children in discussion. In learning about responsibility, children consider personal attitudes towards others. When considering responsibility, children think about individual motivation and purpose in activities. Children learn about relationships- different types and important aspects of maintaining positive interactions through communicating, establishing trust and making peace.


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