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My Life 4 Schools is a FREE KS2 online resource for PSHE/Citizenship and SEAL from The Children’s Society. It covers nine curriculum-linked topics with engaging stories, downloadable activities and detailed lesson plans.

Learning and Teaching Resources

My Life 4 Schools  -  Free classroom activities and lesson plans linked to KS2 PSHE/Citizenship and SEAL.

Leading children’s charity The Children’s Society has developed this online resource, in consultation with primary school teachers, to help children aged 7 – 11years old develop the skills they need for a healthy, happy childhood.

My Life features interactive, child-friendly stories and activities and caters for all learning styles and abilities. Covering nine curriculum-linked subjects, tasks include creating a timeline and building a story using drag and drop pictures. There are downloadable activity sheets for each subject and detailed teachers’ notes covering learning objectives, curriculum links, assembly ideas and guidance on how to handle sensitive subjects.

What My Life 4 Schools has to offer

The nine units cover these subjects:home_page.jpg

My friends – developing good relationships and managing feelings

My family – understanding the different kinds of families and how communication affects relationships

How I learn- celebrating achievements and developing empathy with others who learn in a different way

What I like doing – being inspired to achieve ambitions

Keeping healthy – discovering what creates a healthy lifestyle and emotional wellbeing

What I believe in- Promoting multi-cultural understanding and recognising the impact of racial bullying

My school and my money – exploring what makes a happy school, and the effects of poverty and inequality

Young runaways – learning about the risks of running away, and finding help with problems instead

When it hurts at home – managing feelings when there re arguments and anger at home

My Life 4 Schools is tailored to help teachers deliver:170x130_fitbox-jake_s_story.jpg

Citizenship and PSHE:

  • Confidence and responsibility
  • Good relationships 
  • Healthy, safer lifestyle


  • Empathy
  • Self-awareness
  • Managing feelings
  • Social skills

Try out Unit 1 first or register for the whole resource


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Star Rating - 4 out of 5

Reviewed by: Tom


 Monday 16th January 2012

Useful and Engaging

This is a very useful and comprehensive resource. The lesson plans are detailed and well set-out, and contain a good blend of interaction/discussion and personal work. The case studies and scenarios are very relatable and will help children identify certain themes and learn more about themselves through the activities. It is very child-friendly and visually based, which helps keep it engaging. The website is very well laid out as well, and the explanations for planning are well thought through.

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