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BT provides a good source to help Primary School English students develop their skills of communication.

Learning and Teaching Resources

BT provide free resources that support learning and skills. During KS1, children are taught to listen carefully and speak clearly. The development of children’s communication skills can be supported by ‘The Communication Cookbook’, which can be downloaded from the website.

What the Site Covers

It covers attention and listening, vocabulary, building sentences and conversation. There is detailed background for teachers and information relevant to parents and carers. The lesson plans focus on the development of a skill over several days to reinforce it so it becomes embedded within the classroom. Activities are supported by online activities for use at school or home.


There is also an activity that shows how communication has changed over time using an animation, which can stimulate lots of discussion. A positive about these materials is that it makes children explicitly aware of the importance of communication and the skills that make us effective in communicating.

An ‘Alien Abduction’ online activity is good for showing children how challenging it is to focus on two things at once and emphasise the importance of listening and concentration.


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