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Test Base covers KS3 & KS3 core subjects and contains questions and booklets to help assist.

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Test Base is a bank of questions that is often used as an assessment tool. It enables targeted assessments to be created in order to assess the progress of pupils. Test Base collects together questions and the associated mark scheme from end of Key Stage written tests. It can support with tailoring assessment, compiling diagnostic tests and be a useful resource for use in whole-class teaching to determine whether pupils have achieved within the pitch and expectations appropriate to them.


Teachers can access a bank of questions covering various aspects of Science, which are identified according to National Curriculum level. These cover Level 4 and Level 5 material. Questions can be dragged into a list and printed. Questions available relate to the human body, classification of plants, insulators, the reflection of light and electricity. There are also questions related to changes of state, magnetism and forces and the Earth and solar system.


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