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Tearfund has lots of resources that can be used in KS4 classes about Poverty and Justice.

Learning and Teaching Resources

At Key Stage 4, pupils will be studying RE in order to gain a GCSE in the subject. Different examination boards produce different specifications that inform the curriculum and therefore the specific content pupils will encounter. There may be an option to study religious perspectives on various issues, such as poverty and notions of justice. Pupils will consider the religious response to moral issues.

Poverty and Justice

Tearfund provide a selection of resources related to the issue of poverty and justice. There are resources that examine prayer and motivation to pray for justice. Resources related to the issues of water and sanitation can be found. Materials are available that may support teaching about the environment and responsibilities of people.

Guides and Details

Teachers can also find materials that provide guides and more details about Tearfund as an organisation. These relate to their philosophy, aims and purpose. It may be the case that teachers find this useful when engaging pupils in a case study approach to a charitable organisation.


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