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Teaching Zone offers lots of free teaching materials that can be used for PSHE classes.

Learning and Teaching Resources

This website offers lesson plans that can support the teaching of the PSHE National Curriculum programme of study. The topic of ‘People Who Help Us’ is included, and the site examines the role of the police in railway safety.

Learning about Jobs, Lesson Plans and Key Questions

Children can learn about the jobs that need to be done and consider what would happen if these jobs were not done. There is a lesson plan that relates to making choices with a focus on appropriate and inappropriate behaviour around railways. Key questions for discussion are provided as are posters required to deliver the lesson.

Downloadable Fact Sheets

Teachers will also find downloadable fact sheets. These cover important safety messages link to railways tracks, signals, structures, level crossings and stations. There is also material on electricity on the railways and dangers associated with these. These can be useful prompts for discussion in the classroom.

The website also gives access to facts about the railway in terms of history and consequences of crime on the railways.


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